About Us

About Us

Our mission is to be the ultimate networking platform where inspirational black people can speak freely, develop ideas, gain economic freedom, and organize for true equality. We huddle together to share our knowledge, believe in our greatness and inspire others towards unity.

Black First Agenda

Black people globally are the most subjugated race on the planet. Even countries run by black people are under the direct or indirect control of those of european descent. We are at the bottom of every positive world statistics, except consumerism. We top figures such as poverty, illiteracy and political unrest.

With all the challenges we face, we remain the most resilient people on the planet and we have proven our potential in all aspects of modern society. We seem to be the only race not allowed to love and respect ourselves. In addition to having our psyche’s under attack for generations, there are governments, global institutions, and multinational corporations focused on exploiting, colonizing, dividing and silencing us.

Because there are many agendas working against Black people worldwide, we must have an agenda that puts Black people first. The Black First agenda enforces the acknowledgement that we are Black above everything and reaffirms our commitment to collectively work towards the advancement of all black people.

Read "The Black First Manifesto" for more information.


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