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"3 Yr Anniversary of Chris & Co."

Mr. Chris is Broadcasting On Location At "Dewey's CoffeeHouse". This Special Episode Of Chris & Co. marked the shows 3rd Anniversary of Broadcast radio par excellence. One of Mr. Chris's favorite shows #ChrisRadio #Talk #News #Celebration #Radio #Blaqsbi #BlackMedia
Book Suggestions

"All That She Carried: The Journey of Ashley's Sack, a Black Family Keepsake"

In 1850s South Carolina, an enslaved woman named Rose faced a crisis: the imminent sale of her daughter Ashley. Thinking quickly, she packed a cotton bag for her with a few items, and, soon after, the nine-year-old girl was separated from her mother and sold. Decades later, Ashley’s granddaughter Ruth embroidered this family history on the sack in spare, haunting language.
Funding Requests
Am looking for donations to support street and orphan kids of Uganda whom we care of in our ministry,please let's join our hands and help them with food

Kids Ministry is requesting 60,000 in donation.
23,176 funded by members:
Vinyard Ankh
Funded 200
2021-09-08 01:16:01
All donations will be distributed by the administrator of Blaqsbi and shall be paid directly to AKIN AKIN was created in 2007 by Paul Miller, in response to a need that arose when 240 children were displaced as a result of the closing of the children’s boarding school, The St. Francis Integrated School, in Nairobi, Kenya. https://www.africankidsinneed.org/about-akin/

Ezekiel Mensah
Funded 56
2021-09-20 14:26:11
Sharing is Caring, I love children

Aremu Olushola
Funded 224
2021-11-11 15:39:48
May God Bless you

Chisom Umeokwochi
Funded 25
2021-12-08 03:04:50

Manjula Ranaweera
Funded 117
2022-03-03 02:52:15
i am giving this with happy mind. Thanks for giving us a chance to contribute to this.

Sudan Maat
Funded 1,000
2022-03-25 23:50:41

Emmanuel Johnson
Funded 50
2022-04-29 23:23:03

Tristan Tomino
Funded 100
2022-05-15 01:10:04
For the love of our Kids..

Maurice Mouyella
Funded 100
2022-05-20 11:35:25
Very nice this forum

Mbua Nadege oma
Funded 100
2022-05-22 21:05:15

39% collected: 23,176
Goal: 60,000
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   African-American Actors for 100 - Trivia Show More

Wesley Snipes stars in "Murder at 1600". Who plays one of the suspects?

A. John Ritter
B. Alan Alda
C. Tom Selleck
D. Ted Danson
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You Must Be a Black or Brown Person for Full Access to Blaqsbi

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