Blaqsbi Store: The Bank (Solar Generator & Backup Unit)

Blaqsbi Store: The Bank (Solar Generator & Backup Unit)

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The Bank is a transportable Uninterruptible Power Supply:
Power transfers to emergency backup in under 20ms, fast enough to not reset a digital clock.
Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Clean power that is safe for sensitive equipment, including medical.
Fully Sealed Carbon Nano Batteries: No dangers of traditional lithium batteries, and 100% recyclable. Available in 9,000 Watts & 12,000 Watts
*The Bank can be used standalone for 24 hour protection or used in conjunction with solar panels or a wind turbine for 24/7 Protection.
Perfect for remote locations, using on job sites, to power a food truck, use for camping or take anywhere power is needed… And never by fuel ⛽️ again!

Offered By: Eastwood Energy Group

Price: 9,500,000

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Type: Technology & Electronics

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